for someone so close yet so far…

We used to be best friend..

Chatting, traveling, karaoke, sharing cake, laugh together even the joke is not so funny..

and you used to hear my everything. my habit, my ego, my mood, my story…

remember when i feel alone you always have way how to make me smile.

Tehee… still fresh in my mind how you make me drunk with the strange music.. and i started to get headache after that, then we laugh…

or when I got bad news about my uncle’s died.. you strengthen me then pray together..

You used to hug me.. in my deep sadness..

Me either, I used to be your best listener..

remember a night that you cried alone, you called me to come..

those cloudy night, I suddenly left my corner just to hug you… maybe you didn’t know that I left something important just to be your listener..


I don’t really know since when you’ve change..

Pretty busy with yourself…

ok, call it busy..

even we can meet up, have breakfast and lunch together, i don’t know why mostly i feel hurt..

maybe because i am too sensitive..

maybe because we use to be share anything without asking or doubting. and everything change,

you take a defense of anything when you talk with me, questioning what i did, or ignoring all my statement or I’ve been much not compared to your hobby..

You no need me to be your adviser anymore, even said that you mature enough to make decision.

yeah you right..

everything about you are right 🙂

but still, I really miss time when we spent time together..

not rarely I cry for that.. asking God, why everything changes. What is wrong with me..

at least I’ve tried to build brick by brick.. on the building that already been old. brittle, weak..

I don’t know until when I can endure..

time goes so fast.. and i don’t want all end with “nothing”.


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